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There's an old adage... something along the lines of "Live life without regret" or some other such nonsense. It's bullshit, you see. We are human beings. It is in our nature to wonder. Practically ingrained in our DNA so as to separate us from the beasts. Whether or not we allow that infinite wonder; those countless "what-ifs" and bountiful "shouldn't-haves", cripple us or turn us in to assholes... Well, that's a different story...but to live without them is impossible. We are all, at one point in life, that prostitute sitting at the edge of the bed staring out of a $40 Motel window... lost in thoughts of the book she was supposed to write; The actress she was born to be; The mother she could have been. So afraid the racket from the moldy air conditioner will wake her Jon and force her to perform while he tries not to vomit in her hair. He's paid up for the night, you see. He's purchased the right to whisk her from her wonder.

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